Advanced Template Cloner for Jira

Advanced Template Cloner for Jira lets you clone issue together with any linked issues and sub-tasks keeping links between them.

Save your time and stop manually recreating issues

Select the issue you want to clone and use Advanced Template Cloner for Jira.

When you click on the Clone template option, the system displays a form where issues details can be edited before cloning.

New Template details

With our plugin before cloning, you can easily edit issues’ fields, clone to a different project, and customize which issues, linked issues, or subtasks to duplicate.

Fast & Easy Work

Build templates

Build templates

Using issues and links between them you can create a hierarchical template that you may repeat any time you need. To build it you don’t need any additional setup – just use standard Jira features.


Share templates with your colleagues

You are an owner of your templates – you don’t need administrator rights to create them. Templates can be shared with your colleagues having permission to your project.


Download to Get Started

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