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About us

About Vilisoft

We are sharing our passions. One of them is developing Atlassian apps that help our clients resolve their daily business cases.

Our goal is to create essential, high quality apps that making Atlassian solutions even better.

We offer highly skilled JIRA/Confluence administrators and workflow designers, along with plugin developers.
We are active Atlassian’s plugins vendor.

Trusted us a lot of clients like Flow Traders B.V., Slack Technologies, Inc., Astra Space, Disney.

You lack functionality in Jira? Contact us! Surely we can help.


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Advanced Template Cloner for Jira

If you struggle with repetitive and time-consuming tasks – try our app and check how efficient your work will be.

Advanced Template Cloner for Jira lets you clone issue together with any linked issues and sub-tasks keeping links between them.

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Template (Epic) Cloner for Jira

The plugin saves teams’ precious time by automated issues creation process.

Template (Epic) Cloner for Jira Cloud let you clone Epic together with any linked issues and sub-tasks.

As a result you are getting new Epic and new linked issues similar to your template.

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Simple Worklog Timer

With Simple Worklog Timer, you can easily monitor the time spent on an issue and record it in your work log.

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Logo of AI Helper for Confluence, an artificial intelligence assistant for Confluence users.

AI Helper for Confluence

Artificial Intelligence is your new co-worker – use the power of ChatGPT with your API Key to create a summary of your content

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