About Simple Worklog Timer

Track work time seamlessly and precisely

With Simple Worklog Timer, you can easily monitor the time spent on an issue and record it in your work log.  Add Simple Worklog Timer to your issue „Details” panel view and precisely track your work time.

Run the Simple Worklog Timer

Press the “Start” button to start the work log timer. Once your work time is measured, you can stop it, resume it, restart it, or save it to your work log anytime you want.

If you do not stop the timer and shut down the browser, the time is calculated, but once you stop the timer and return to the issue, the latest stop time will be indicated.

When multiple users turn on the timer on an issue – each user has a view and status of their timer.

Log your work time

When you press the “Save to Work Log” button, the timer automatically resets and saves the time in the work log.

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