Template (Epic) Cloner for Jira

Template (Epic) Cloner for Jira lets you clone your template Epic with Stories and other Issues in Epic together with sub-tasks. As a result you are getting new Epic and new linked issues similar to your template.

Do you have projects with recurrent issues? Template (Epic) Cloner for Jira is ideal for such projects!

Simplify task management with bulk clone of Epic with child issues and sub-tasks

With just one click, you can clone complex templates and include dynamic placeholders. These placeholders allow you to insert variable data such as {SUMMARY}, {DATE}, and custom fields, enhancing the versatility and adaptability of your templates to specific use cases.

Select the target project for the cloned Epic and choose which issues and subtasks should be cloned. Before cloning, you have the option to edit them, ensuring that each template is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Create complex templates and clone all of them with a single click, maintaining links between the newly created issues.

Screenshot depicting the form displayed when the 'Clone template' option is selected in Template (Epic) Cloner for Jira, highlighting editable fields for issue details before the cloning process.

Select cloning strategy and edit Issues details

Choose your cloning strategy and select additional fields to edit.

You can decide to clone all linked issues or only specific ones, and additionally, keep links between the newly created issues.

Template (Epic) Cloner for Jira works with both company-managed and team-managed projects

Once the epic and linked issues are ready to be cloned, simply click on the Clone button, and a new Epic with the selected issues will be created.

Save your team’s precious time with an automated issue creation process that includes the power and flexibility of dynamic placeholders.

Screenshot showing the cloning process using Template (Epic) Cloner for Jira, illustrating how to initiate cloning in an Epic template by selecting 'Clone template' from the Operations menu.

Download to Get Started

Template (Epic) Cloner is the fastest way to create production tasks based on existing templates.

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