Quick cloning process

Step 1 – Quick cloning option

In the Operations menu :3_dots_menu: in any parents issues you can find option Quick Clone.

Find option Quick Clone


Quick clone option is available in Epic issues only.

If you click on Quick clone option, system dispalys modal dialog with form where user can select the issues for cloning like in the picture below. 

Find option Quick Clone

Step 2 – Clone components & advanced opitons

Next section is Clone components. User can make a decision which issues’ components must be cloned.

Clone components


If Sub-tasks option is ticked, all sub-tasks in parent issue and in child issues will be shown to checked.

Sub-task checked

You can choose which sub-tasks in parent issue template and which sub-tasks in child issues template you would like to clone.


If Attachments option is ticked, all attachments in parent issue, child issues and sub-tasks (if selected) are cloned.


If Comments option is ticked, comments from parent issue, child issues and sub-tasks (if selected) are cloned.

If Issue Links option is ticked, issue links within cloned issues are also cloned.

Advanced opitons

Next section is Advanced options. User can make a decision whether to add the prefix CLONE – to the summary parent issue.

Advanced opitons

Step 3 – Child issues

You can decide if you want to clone all child issue or only some specific. On the left-hand side, tick all you want to clone.

Decide if you want to clone all child issue

Step 4 – Cloning

If parent issue and child issues are ready to be cloned, just click on :Cloning_Button: button and new parent issue with selected issues will be created. 

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